Blogging – Why do we articulate, communicate, enunciate, verbalise, vocalise? Is WORD larger than THOUGHT?

We find in most Bibles “In the beginning there was the word, the word was with GOD, the word was GOD”… Well without delving into christian theology, and just looking at the most common and even an over-rated (at times) phenomenon su

Science and its Empiricity

The classic debate on whether Science came from the ARTS or ARTS from the Sciences?

ch as the “word” or for that matter, any form of it…

While Non-Christian Sources have a totally different take on this altogether..

Why or just how did the human species come-about to need communication… and a more sophisticated one at that..

Well, there are theories on socio-anthropology and evolutionary psychology that deal exactly with this question… ( so let’s just take their findings and what accrued out of these disciplines and keep the ambiance of blogosphere clear and light-headed…. and a good, entertaining read at the same time, all the while not losing the spirit of adventure & Discovery and a sense of ‘Journey’ that a blogging experience can bring….

What the books and the heavily-bearded scholars and researchers say after years of research and pains-taking work on empirically sound data:

  • It all started with Food: yes, as wierd as it may sound.
    • Man as a being started to have the need for more sophisticated means of communication
      • to track and hunt food, and
      • most importantly pass-on knowledge of growing food – agriculture
      • identify different foods/edibility
  • About the same time, when Humans as a species started living in larger-and-larger numbers/groups with the need:

What the Blog is about:

  • Man started out with HOO-HOO( and HAA-HAA ( and took a journey (at least for the good… the good of today’s Audience – bloggers)
    • Journey through Language as we know it today in all its complexities and sophistication ():
      • Grammar
      • Syntaxe
      • Diction and Intonation: which lead to more complex forms of expression such as:
        • Music and Musical instruments and the human ability to recognise patterns
        • Art as in the Visual…
        • Ornamentation: all forms of body art like tattooing, piercing, etc,… and finally
        • The Audio-Visual: Theatre and Cinema
  • As language became more than mere signs and symbols, evolving into:
    • Morphologie and Semantics
    • Phonetics ( and Phonology (
    • Codes and Higher forms of communications (in a way a detour back to the world of Signs: Radio, Telegraph and Morse Code)
    • Translation and rendering (the likes of Research Methodology, programming languages, etc…)
    • Theoretisation and Empricity of the Sciences ()
    • Meta-languages and dialectics
    • Linguistics and the philosophy of Languages and Human THOUGHT
      • Epistemology
      • Ontology
      • Syllogism and Logic
      • Hermenautics, etc…
    • Spiritual aspects of Speech and the human urge to verbalise and vocalise thoughts and to DOCUMENT everything – Culture(

The Next post will be more an more entertaining… Hopefully!!

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Never knew had the actor in me!!

This is the Review i got from my Director/Script writer/camera-man and in a way, an inspiration for all things in the world of Performance Arts:
Ground Zero  said…Thanks Shiva,
Dear visitors, that was Shiva, the chief actor in our movie ‘No Motive’. Shiva was dedicated, in fact everyone else was equally dedicated, to the ‘No Motive’ project. Everyone who watched the movie applauded the acting skills of Shiva. He was the first person to turn up in the morning during the shooting sessions, and he was the last one to leave, perhaps at 3 or 4 in the morning.
It was great experience working with you, Shiva.
I remember the amount of effort you put in at that time to make each shot perfect. Remember the dhaba scene in “Pig’s Life”, the last shot in the same story when pig jumps down the balcony, the early morning shot in the mess, the tandava scene of “Actor”, my my… it was work, work and work all the time. Everything bore fruit at the end. We made a remarkable achievement in the history of JNU. I shall upload the scanned copies of newspaper reports of ‘No Motive’ here soon.
Thanks buddy… Sorry to have delayed this reply.

6:49 PM
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Welcome to JNU Caves!

Thanks to Vikas for this memorable post:

Nice BLOG… enjoyed reading it.. felt nostalgic reading it… Had been there and Alone.. for some quiet time with myself… And the people who had told me about it, were not there to show me the way…. wandered around for about 3 hours and finally found the place… and later went back a few times… both with other friends and also alone…. once from behind the Sanskrit school, and once from the roadside leading to Brahmaputra…
went there even in the Nights alone… really glad to see these fotos again…

JNU Caves!

dsc024101This blog is a pictorial documentation of the popular JNU caves.

I clicked about 400 photos on 7 March 2009. The Saturday Fever (aka trip to JNU caves) organised by the JNU Mountaineering Club was a lot of fun. I made this blog in some six hours for all those who were part of it and for all those who love JNU (and of course for all those who look forward to visiting the caves). 😀

Go ahead and click on the links in the sidebar (titled ‘explore the caves’) preferably in order (1 to 9) for optimised viewing.

Please note that the categories Caves I to VI do not necessarily indicate the number of caves. Also, I am only an amateur photographer and the pics are lacking in more ways than one.


All pics are highly compressed for easy uploading (which also compromises the quality). Besides, it is not…

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